In addition to commissions for films and illustrations I also give lectures and workshops. Below are a couple of examples of workshops that I’ve given.


Workshops at ”STDH”/”Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts”

I occasionally teach at the Bachelor program for Animation at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. This photo is from a workshop enigmatically titled ”Abstract lipsync”. The objective was to match stop motion animation with prerecorded soundclips in a playful way:


The students produced some really neat films, in my opinion. Four examples below:

Films made by (left to right): Karin Drake, Sarah Gampel, Mimi Fürst and Julia Helander.


Workshop at ”Muthesius Kunsthuchschule” in Kiel

This workshop was titled ”Build a world in a week” – A group of 20 students from various programmes including photography, fine art and graphic design spent a week building up a landscape in one of the school’s studios. They then animated a seasonal change – from winter to summer – within that landscape.

Some photos below:

kiel_ws_1  kiel_ws_2  kiel_ws_3  kiel_ws_4

kiel_ws_5  kiel_ws_6  kiel_ws_7  kiel_ws_8


And here’s the final result!

(I highly recommend scrubbing back and forth along the timeline…)