Lots of illustrations for Matter Magazine

I made twenty illustrations for an article in Matter Magazine about a doctor from Sierra Leone battling ebola. Head over to their website
to see all of them. Also – check out this behind the scenes story.


Commercial for Kanal 5 Play

A commercial for swedish tv-channel ”Kanal 5”, advertising their online ”play” service.

Some commercial work…

In the past month I’ve directed a couple of stop motion ads together with Arvid Tappert. Check them out here:


I finished directing a new TV–commercial…

To see the result, go to the Gifford site.


I finished co-directing a RealD commercial!

I just finished co-directing Sweden’s first stereoscopic commercial for cinema – that means you have to put on 3D-glasses to view it properly, but there’s a web version here:


Co-directed some TV-commercials

I co-directed three stop motion TV-commercials in one week together with Arvid and Jonas at Gifford. Look for the videos at our site: