”Paperworld” is an upcoming stop motion–animated short film written and directed by me. It’s produced by Sara Waldestam at Alphaville. Martin Larsson at Vitamin Film is co–producing.

Funding by: Swedish Film Institute, Swedish Arts Council, Film i Skåne and Scenkonstbolaget


Currently editing Paperworld

So – it’s been awhile since I updated this blog. We’re in the post production phase now, which means less photo–opportunities. Thankfully I’ve still got some stuff from our Stockholm shoot that I haven’t uploaded yet.

In the meantime – here are a few more stills that perhaps can give some idea of how the film will look:


Soon wrapping up our shoot in Stockholm…

We’re soon going to finish our six-week-shoot in Stockholm. And with that we’re (almost) done shooting. (We may have to do some pickups later…)

Here are some pictures of me and my crew – Anna Mantzaris, Kaoru Furuko and Oskar Idin – hard at work…


Behind the scenes in Stockholm

Here are some pics from our first couple of weeks of shooting in Stockholm. We’re renting a beautiful room from the lovely people at Folkefilm, a space which we’ve quickly turned into a really messy studio.



Shooting in Stockholm!

We’ve finally started shooting in Stockholm. Here are a couple of pics from the first couple of days. The hand on the right belongs to Anna Mantzaris!


A few more behind–the–scenes pictures

I’ll soon have some pictures from our shoot in Stockholm – meanwhile, I couldn’t resist posting a few more of me and Oskar working on the big set in Malmö. These were all taken by the talented photographer Anna Maria Liljestrand who came by to visit.


Building up to the second shoot

We’ll start our second and final period of shooting in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile me and my extremely talented intern Anna Mantzaris are building ever more props. At the moment I’m most excited about the horror style split-open chest we’ve built (see below). It’ll be in the film for approximately three seconds…



A few stills from Paperworld

Here are a few stills from my upcoming film ”Paperworld”. They haven’t been properly graded or anything – though I’ve tinkered with them ever so slightly in Photoshop. Still – they should give a pretty decent idea of the general look of the film.

First few shots in the can!

We’ve now wrapped up two weeks of shooting in Malmö with the help of our amazing co-producers Vitamin Film. I got to play around in a large parking garage that we quickly turned into a studio. Obviously this calls for some behind–the–scenes footage…

First we built a textile backdrop for the model sets and then made an even larger one (2,5×8,5 meters!) for our point-of-view shot.


Our DP Oskar Idin made a miniature dolly for the camera, while I and the intern Elisabeth started cluttering up the work area.


Soon our main character took his place in the spotlight, and we shot our first scene.


Our small but excellent team consisted of Martin the producer, Oskar the photographer, Elisabeth the intern and myself…


For the second week of shooting we built a set big enough to walk around on. Some stills from the resulting POV-shot coming soon.


First test shoot:

A test shoot of one of the sets made for my upcoming film Paperworld.

… and some pictures. Photographer: Oskar Idin