”Transire” competing in Nijmegen

My short film ”Transire” is in the Labo competition in Dutch film festival ”Go Short”:

Some commercial work…

In the past month I’ve directed a couple of stop motion ads together with Arvid Tappert. Check them out here:


My new picture book in stores today

My newest picture book ”Rufus i Underjorden” is hitting the stores today!


… updated 2010-10-20 – review here (in Swedish):


I’ve got two films competing in Uppsala.

Both ”Dark Island” and ”Transire” are competing in this years Uppsala International Short Film Festival.


”Transire” is here!

Colourgraded ”Transire” yesterday. Really pleased with the result. A few screenshots can be found here: http://www.jonsmellgren.com/screenshots-from-”transire”/

Look out, experimental film festivals of the world…

I finished directing a new TV–commercial…

To see the result, go to the Gifford site.


”Dark Island” shown on ARTE

”Dark Island” – or ”Île Noire” as it’s called in France – has been shown on the major French–German television network ARTE. Pretty sweet…


Finished work on my upcoming picture book

I just handed in the final illustration for my upcoming picture book – ”Rufus I Underjorden” (”Rufus in the Underworld”). It’ll hit the stores in mid-september or so. As far as I know only in Sweden…

”Dark Island”/”Den Mörka Ön” wins award!

”Dark Island”/”Den Mörka Ön” won Gold in the Swedish design competition ”Kolla!”


Finished shooting on ”Transire”

My newest short – ”Transire” – will premiere this autumn. It’s a short film with dancers and funky kaleidoscopic effects.