Illustrations I did for an article about a Sierra Leone doctor fighting ebola – Matter Magazine

matter_15_w_arrival_kailahun matter_9_w_street_scene matter_19_w_khan_dead matter_14_w_test_resultsmatter_11_w_ebolaward_detail-3 matter_11_w_ebolaward_detail-2 matter_11_w_ebolaward_detail-1 matter_11_w_ebola_wardmatter_10_w_snake_healer matter_6_w_lab matter_5_w_playing matter_3_w_cdc_visitor


Some illustrations from my picture book Elsa and the Night” (Sigrid och Natten)

natten_omslag natten_illo_1 natten_illo_2 natten_illo_7natten_illo_10 natten_illo_12 natten_illo_13 natten_illo_17natten_illo_20 natten_illo_21 natten_illo_22 natten_illo_23

Some stills from my short film ”Paperworld”. Photographer: Oskar Idin
pw_goran_looking pw_goran_running pw_goran_shed pw_goran_with_bookpw_gorans_room pw_guts pw_stefans_room pw_truck-2

Sets for Swedish ”Kanal 5” (Channel Five). Photographer: Niklas Nyberg


Some illustrations from my book ”Rufus i Underjorden” (Rufus in the Underworld)



Some illustrations from my book ”Mustafa och Stormen” (Mustafa and the Storm)



Stills from ”Den Mörka Ön”/”Dark Island”. Photographer Sara Deane