”Elsa and the Night”

My latest animated short ”Elsa and the Night” has been completed! It will premiere in 2019. Some stills from the film below:




In production: ”Elsa and the Night”

Here’s a teaser trailer for my upcoming animated short ”Elsa and the Night” – produced by Nima Yousefi at HOBAB film.

Funding from The Swedish Film Institute, Film i Väst and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Co-produced by Dockhus Animation and Dutch animation company Cineté.

Currently in production…

Update: The film is completed! Will premiere in 2019


Also in production: ”Pygostylia”

This thing started out as a film made specifically for a live performance by composer Ida Lundén. The plan is to make it into a short film that can stand on its own. I don’t have a trailer for it yet – so a few behind-the-scenes pics will have to do!

Funding from Musikverket – the Swedish Performing Arts Agency

pygostylia_bts_1  pygostylia_bts_2  pygostylia_bts_4  pygostylia_bts_3


”A Paper World”

”A Paper World” is my latest short film: a bleak stop-motion story about memory and loss. Produced by Sara Waldestam at Alphaville. Co produced by Martin Larsson at Vitamin SE Media AB.

Funding from the Swedish Film Institute, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Film i Skåne.

Here’s the trailer:

And below are a couple of additional excerpts:

And some behind-the-scenes photos:

paper_world_animating_gutshot  paper_world_animating_popup  paper_world_opening_scene-2  paper_world_the_man

A Paper World premiered at Gothenburg IFF in 2014. It’s been screened in competition at Uppsala International Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival , London International Animation Festival, Minimalen Film Festival and various other festivals around the world. It won the award for best animated short at Minimalen in 2015 and also won gold at ”Kolla” in 2014 – a swedish competition for illustrators and designers.


Dark Island

Here are some excerpts from my short film ”Dark Island”. This film was my graduation project at the Royal College of Art in London.

Dark Island has been screened in competition at Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Uppsala International Film Festival, Stockholm International Film Festival and many others. It has also been shown by the tv–channel ARTE on a number of occasions. It won honourable mention at 1 km Film in 2009  (Stockholm IFF) and also won gold at ”Kolla” in 2010 – a swedish competition for illustrators and designers.



Excerpts from my short dance film ”Transire”. Music: Ida Lundén, photo: Oskar Idin

Transire was made in collaboration with composer Ida Lundén – and with the help of nine dancers and a giant kaleidoscope. It was shown in competition at Uppsala International Film Festival and at Go Short International Film Festival in Nijmegen.


Some behind–the–scenes photos from various film projects: