”Hybrit – fossil fuel free steel production”

An illustration for a magazine article about fossil free steel production:

”Elsa and the Night”

My latest animated short ”Elsa and the Night” has been completed! It will premiere in 2019. Some stills from the film below:




Campaign films for ”Etc Kommunikation”

I directed three animated films for the agency ”ETC kommunikation”. The films are part of a unique collaboration between Sweden’s Enforcement Agency the organisation BRIS.

”Jätten från havet”/”The giant from the sea”

Some illustrations from my picture book: ”Jätten från havet” – publisher Natur och Kultur
jatten_illustration-1  jatten_illustration-2  jatten_illustration-3  jatten_illustration-4

jatten_illustration-5  jatten_illustration-6  jatten_illustration-7  jatten_illustration-8

jatten_illustration-9  jatten_illustration-10  jatten_illustration-11  jatten_illustration-12

”Less than zero”

Illustrations and an animated film about the water crisis I did for Matter Magazine together with Anna Mantzaris – and in collaboration with the art director from Matter, Erich Nagler.

UPDATE: This article won an SPD award – silver medal for best animated content!

Here’s the article: https://medium.com/matter/less-than-zero-71e362db9327



water_farmer  water_politician  water_town  water_drytown

And here’s the film – it became ”staff pick” on vimeo:

Groundwater and the Drought: How the West Is Miscounting Water Supplies from Matter on Vimeo.


”Fighting ebola in Sierra Leone”

Some illustrations I did for Matter Magazine by building sets and photopraphing them. Thanks to Erich Nagler from Matter for the assignment!

UPDATE: The article won a National Magazine Award for Best Reporting.

UPDATE-2: The article won an SPD award –  gold medal for ”Best original illustration”

Here’s the article: https://medium.com/matter/did-sierra-leones-hero-doctor-have-to-die-1c1de004941e


matter_3_w_cdc_visitor  matter_11_w_ebola_ward  matter_10_w_snake_healer  matter_11_w_ebolaward_detail-3

matter_15_w_arrival_kailahun  matter_9_w_street_scene  matter_6_w_lab  matter_19_w_khan_dead

And here’s a behind-the-scenes story:


”The story of the snake skin”

I wrote and illustrated a short story for a children’s tv show in Sweden.


snakeskin_1  snakeskin_3  snakeskin_2  snakeskin_4

”Sigrid och Natten˝/”Elsa and the Night”

Some illustrations from my picture book ”Sigrid och Natten”/”Elsa and the Night”. Published in Sweden by Natur och Kultur and in English as well as German by Little Gestalten:
natten_illo_1  natten_illo_2  natten_illo_7  natten_illo_10

natten_illo_12  natten_illo_13  natten_illo_17  natten_illo_20

natten_illo_21  natten_illo_22  natten_illo_23  natten_omslag


”We’re building an ocean”

… and some other illustrations I made for the same tv show – along with another short story written by me.

waterstory_2 640

waterstory_1  waterstory_2  waterstory_3  waterstory_4


Animations for RFSU

I made some animated infopraphics for RFSU – the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education. Some stills from the films below:

rfsu_still-1  rfsu_still-2  rfsu_still-3  rfsu_still-4

”Min kompis Dudo”/”My friend Dudo”

A Swedish live action tv show for kids – I made the animated intro:


Commercial for Channnel 5 – Play

A commercial I made for Swedish Channel 5:

play_breakfast  play_morning  play_park  play_nighttime


… And some other commercials

Here are a few more commercials – all directed by me:

These two were co–directed by me and Arvid Tappert: