”Elsa and the Night” is completed

My animated short ”Elsa and the Night” is completed. The film will premiere in 2019 with distribution by the Swedish Film Council. Some stills from the film below:




I directed three campaign films for ”Etc Kommunikation”

I directed three films for the Swedish agency ”Etc Kommunikation.” The films are part of a unique collaboration between Sweden’s Enforcement Agency and the organisation BRIS.


Here’s how they turned out:

I’m featured in ”Illusive”

I’m featured in this book by Gestalten:


A collection of contemporary illustrators, I was given two spreads to show off my work. The book can be ordered here:


”Jätten från havet”/”The giant from the sea”

My new picture book is finally out! Written and illustrated by me. Published by Natur och Kultur.

An adventure story about an orhpan named Isabella and a living lump of clay named Oleg. 64 pages with colour illustrations, suitable for ages 6 – 9.


Some sample illustrations below – each image covers a full spread:

jatten_illustration-1  jatten_illustration-2  jatten_illustration-3  jatten_illustration-4

jatten_illustration-5  jatten_illustration-6  jatten_illustration-7  jatten_illustration-8

jatten_illustration-9  jatten_illustration-10  jatten_illustration-11  jatten_illustration-12

Elsa and the Night – short film in production!

I’ll be directing an animated short based on my picture book ”Elsa and the Night”. The film has been in development for nearly two years – so I’m happy to announce that we’re finally in production! The film is produced by Nima Yousefi at HOBAB film.

Funding from The Swedish Film Institute, Film i Väst and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Co-produced by Dockhus Animation and Dutch animation company Cineté.

UPDATE: The film is completed! Will premiere in 2019

Teaser trailer below:

Pygostylia – work in progress

I’m working on a short dance film as part of a collaboration with composer Ida Lundén and artist Ulrika Gunnarsdotter. The title for this collaborative project is ”Pygostylia” – which is a scientific classification that refers to all modern birds.

I’ve also brought on Katarina Eriksson, who choreographed ”Transire” – an earlier dance film of mine. I’ve screened a version of this film – also titled ”Pygostylia” – at a live performance together with music by Ida Lundén. The idea now is to make it into a short film that can stand on its own.

Still from the film below – Katarina dressed in the gray ”bird” costume:


Another commission from Matter Magazine!

”Less than zero”

I made an animated film about the water crisis for Matter Magazine together with Anna Mantzaris – and in collaboration with the art director from Matter, Erich Nagler. The sets and puppets we built were also photographed to serve as illustrations for an article on this subject.

Here’s the article: https://medium.com/matter/less-than-zero-71e362db9327



And here’s the film – it became ”staff pick” on vimeo:


Some behind-the-scenes footage:

water_bts-1  water_bts-2  water_bts-3  water_bts-4

Lots of illustrations for Matter Magazine

I made twenty illustrations for an article in Matter Magazine about a doctor from Sierra Leone battling ebola. Head over to their website
to see all of them. Also – check out this behind the scenes story.


A production blog for my next book – OLEG!

I’m working on a new picture book called ”Oleg” (see update below.) It will be aimed at kids aged 6–9, so a slightly older audience than what I’m used to. I also have a production blog where I show some of my sketches and colourtests – stuff like this:

city_sketches_2 oleg_birds_nest oleg_captured Oleg_growing_sketch

UPDATE: The book is finished, and has finally hit the stores. The title changed – and it is now called ”Jätten från havet”/”The giant from the sea”

The production blog can be found here:


Hope you like it!


Workshop at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

I gave a one week workshop at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts – for their animation students. The workshop was perhaps paradoxically called ”Abstract Lip Synch”. Here are a few examples of the student films that came out of it: