Lots of illustrations for Matter Magazine

I made twenty illustrations for an article in Matter Magazine about a doctor from Sierra Leone battling ebola. Head over to their website
to see all of them. Also – check out this behind the scenes story.


A production blog for my next book – OLEG!

I’m working on a new picture book called ”Oleg”. It will be aimed at kids aged 6–9, so a slightly older audience than what I’m used to. I’m also going to do another thing that I haven’t tried before – which is blog about my work on a regular basis.

The production blog can be found here:


Hope you like it!

Workshop at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

I gave a one week workshop at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts – for their animation students. The workshop was perhaps paradoxically called ”Abstract Lip Synch”. Here are a few examples of the student films that came out of it:

”Elsa and the Night”, ”Elsa und die Nacht”

My latest picture book – ”Sigrid och Natten” has been picked up by the publisher Gestalten.

This means that a German version of the book will be available in March 2014, and an English version will follow in August 2014.




Paperworld has arrived!

My stop motion animated short ”Paperworld” is finally done. It premiered at the 2014 Göteborg International Film Festival. It will also be screened at the upcoming Internationales Trickfilm-Festival in Stuttgart. Trailer coming soon…


Workshop in Kiel

I gave a one week workshop for a group of twenty students from the Muthesius Kunsthochschule. Their task was to build a cityscape with surroundings in a week, and then animate a transformation from winter to summer. They started out by building a rough ”sketch” in front of the camera – and then built the set with that as a reference. Some pictures below:

kiel_ws_1 kiel_ws_2 kiel_ws_3 kiel_ws_4 kiel_ws_5 kiel_ws_6 kiel_ws_7 kiel_ws_8


And here’s the final result!

(I highly recommend scrubbing back and forth along the timeline…)

Editing Paperworld

Currently editing my upcoming short film Paperworld. Here are some stills:

pw_goran_looking pw_goran_running pw_goran_shed pw_goran_with_book pw_gorans_room pw_guts pw_stefans_room pw_truck-2

… more stuff can be found at my production blog!


Reading from my latest picture book

Here I am at the charming bookstore ”Bokslukaren” by Mariatorget, reading for a whole bunch of kids from my latest picture book ”Sigrid och Natten” (Sigrid and the Night). I had a giant version of my book made for the event. Hopefully this was the first of many readings like it…


My new picture book – ”Sigrid och Natten”!

So, my newest picture book ”Sigrid och Natten” (Sigrid and the Night) is finally out. There have been lots of great reviews so far, for which I’m ever so grateful. Here are links to a few of them (all are in Swedish):









Currently working on ”Paperworld”

This is me working on one of the sets for my upcoming film ”Paperworld”. Some stills and more behind-the-scenes-phootage can be found on the production blog: http://www.jonsmellgren.com/produktionsblogg-paperworld/